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User story

As a user of, I am excited to be able to easily place bets on my favorite real-world events such as politics, sports, entertainment, and financials. The platform's simple two-click process, directly from social media posts on platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram makes it easy for me to place bets on the go.
I am impressed with the platform's user-friendly interface and the ability to easily navigate through the different event categories. The platform's AI-generated events feature is particularly useful for me as it allows me to bet on events that I may not have been aware of previously.
I also appreciate the platform's token utility feature which offers me discounts on platform fees, making it even more cost-effective for me to use. The platform's mobile app version is also very convenient, allowing me to place bets on the go.
I am also excited about the platform's expansion to new markets and partnerships with key industry players, which will increase user acquisition and revenue growth. Overall, is the ultimate event-based betting platform for me.